Proceedings of the Sanchista Congress, held in Málaga on the 400th anniversary of the publication of Miguel de Cervantes “Novelas Ejemplares”

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of “Novelas Ejemplares” by Miguel de Cervantes, the Sanchista Congress was held in Málaga. Proceedings of the Congress and, as a novelty, little known and published poetry by Cervantes, becoming an edition with a double value: Professorial in terms of, the Proceedings and Popular in terms of poetry.

The importance of this collection of studies, which has been refereed by specialized readers and which deals with each of the twelve exemplary Cervantes Novels, lies not in the fact that it says something new but rather in the fact that it says it in a different way. Of course, just as Cervantes was aware of this, the reader will also have to bear in mind that as each of the contributors to this volume invents what they want to say about Cervantes’ work, each reader also invents its meaning.