A selection of articles by the Málaga-based journalist Teodoro León Gross, covering his career since he began as a columnist for the newspaper Diario Sur in 1996.

Fundación Málaga, Fundación Manuel Alcántara and Aula de Literatura y Pensamiento Contemporáneo Rafael Pérez Estrada launched in 2008 the issues 12, 13 and 14, in 2009 the 15 and in 2011 retakes the collection publishing the issue 16 of the “Colección 4 estaciones”.

The volumes “Sur de Europa” by Pedro Aparicio, “Ventanas Interiores” by Francisco Ruiz Noguera, “Moleskine” by Guillermo Busutil, “Compañeros de Viaje” by Juvenal Soto and “Desde el córner y otros remates” by Salvador Moreno Peralta join the collection directed by Juvenal Soto, which aims to disseminate the literary work of different contemporary writers, born in Málaga or who have produced the largest and best part of their work in our city and province.