This book gathers all the studies carried out on the site of Cerro de la Tortuga, one of the most peculiar enclaves that we find in the province of Málaga and, by extension, in all of Andalusia.

On June 12, 2009, the presentation of the book “El Cerro de la Tortuga” took place in the Assembly Hall of the Rectorate of the University of Málaga. “El Templo y la Necrópolis Ibero-Púnica de Málaga” written by the Málaga archaeologist Juan Manuel Muñoz Gambero and sponsored by the Cerro del Villar Agreement signed on May 24, 2004 among the Málaga City Council, Fundación Málaga and Cerveza San Miguel.

This publication was presented by the prestigious archaeologist and member of the Royal Academy of History, Mr. José María Blázquez Martínez and prefaced by the renowned archaeologist, specialist in the Iberian-Punic world, Mr. Pierre Moret, from the University of Toulouse.