Álvaro García, poet, narrator and translator, is the 24th edition of the Premio Internacional de Poesía Loewe for his book “Canción en blanco” which is made up of a single long poem.

On “Falling and other poems”, Álvaro García explica que “in 2005 the magazine El Cultural published a list of the most influential books of Spanish poetry in the last thirty years. On that list were two of my books, “Intemperie” and “Para lo que no existe”. At that time, a young poet from New York named Chris Michalski is studying at a German university. Interested in Spanish poetry, he reads the report and communicates with the editor of García’s two books, with whom he will later contact. Michalski begins the translation of the two works and, when he travels to Málaga to meet the poet, coincides with the publication of “Caída”, the first piece of a triptych that will continue with “Un río de agua” and “Canción en blanco”. Michalski is definitively fascinated, according to his own words, by the work of Álvaro García, and the fruit of that work is “Falling and other poems”, “a translator and creator’s book”, according to Álvaro García, who is deeply grateful to the Málaga Foundation and the Ateneo de Málaga ”for having made its publication posible”, which takes up the cosmopolitan perspective of the publishers of Málaga, with a bilingual and very careful publication, worthy of the tradition initiated by Prados and Altolaguirre.