The edition narrates the beginnings of cinema in the city of Málaga since its arrival in 1896

The publication ‘Historia del cine mudo en Málaga’ as been carried out by the Fundación Málaga, which has a long history of presence and support for the Málaga Spanish Film Festival.

The cinema was born in December 1895 by the Lumière brothers. At first, no one, not even their own creators, thinks about the magnitude and importance of the invention.

From the very beginning, cinema has been full of vitality. In just over four months since its appearance in Paris, the cinema jumps to Madrid. The first screening is at the Hotel Rusia, located in San Jerónimo Street. And it didn’t take him long to present himself in Málaga, since in September 1896, the Cinematograph was inaugurated in Málaga at the Café de España, located on the ground floor of the Hotel Victoria, Calle Marqués de Larios, 9.

This book is divided into five chapters: Los comienzos; Los cafés cantantes; Los cines ambulantes; Los cines estables y Los teatros abren sus puertas al cine.

Nine were the stable cinemas with which he came to have Málaga. The most famous of these, the most lasting, was the Pascualini cinema, which opened in 1900 and disappeared when it was bombed in January 1937.