Selection of texts and poems with a rigorous and clarifying study that serves as an introduction to the texts and verses included.

San Telmo School of Arts and Fundación Málaga have wanted to commemorate the V Centenary of the birth of Santa Teresa de Jesús with the edition of a work, consisting of a selection of texts and poems by José Infante.

The book has been designed and edited by the prestigious graphic designer Antonio Herráiz, who has made a very fine creation, following the spirit of austerity and clarity of the Carmelite aesthetics; using the colours of the cloth of stamelia with which the habits of the Order to which Saint Teresa belonged are made; brown and broken white.

The idea of the San Telmo School of Arts to commemorate with a book this series of important events (in addition to the celebration of a historical-literary cycle on the figure and time of Teresa de Ávila), has been possible thanks to the generosity of Fundación Málaga, which is doing so many good things for our Society in the field of culture and the dissemination of knowledge.