Fundación Málaga and Ayuntamiento de Málaga arranged jointly the first retrospective exhibition by the painter Andrés Mérida in Museo de Patrimonio Municipal in 2011

The painting of Andrés Mérida (1981-2011) is composed of a hundred of works from private collections from different cities such as “Maestro Real” property of the H. M. King.

The exhibition traces the artistic career of the painter since his beginnings to nowadays, checking his different stages and messages. In this retrospective exhibition it can be perceived the plurality of registers in which Andrés Mérida works: bullfighters, the sea, flamenco, horses, the moon, verdiales, landscapes or portraits. These are the usual themes in his works.

The shape’s lengthening, his preference for blue, the canonical measures’ distortion, the irresistible force, the singular treatment immune to the clichés regarding bulls and flamenco, these aspects define the painter’s poetics. The quality in color use and mastering the technique are apparent too in the Andrés Mérida’s universe, a seemingly simple universe but full of complexity and symbolic values.