Fundación Málaga gives to Cáritas Málaga the 2,000 euros related to the sales of the book “FORO ABIERTO”

The sales of the publication “Foro Abierto”, a work by Francisco Javier Carrillo Montesinos, which compiles 25 journalistic and narrative articles, has produced 2,000 euros which Fundación Málaga has granted entirely to Cáritas Málaga. The awards ceremony has taken place this 29th March. The author himself, accompanied by Fundación Málaga’s President and representatives from the newspaper “Diario Sur”, has given the cheque to Francisco José Sánchez, director of “Cáritas Diocesana” of Málaga.

The “Foro Abierto” illustrations are a series of unpublished prints by Enrique Brinkmann, and it also contains two introductory texts by two journalism masters, Miguel Ángel Aguilar and Diego Carcedo.