This exhibition by the Argentinian artist living in Málaga is based on the testimony of thousands of people and victims of the Argentinian repression

Fundación Málaga and the Area of Equality of the Ayuntamiento de Málaga organise the exhibition “El perímetro de mi carne” by Eugenia Esteban, which has been shown in the Patio de Banderas of the Málaga City Hall (7th – 30th April 2010).

It covers two series performed between 2007 and 2009: “Retratos de la represión” and “Autrorretrato vacío”, as well as a number of intermediate and autobiographical works that serve as a connecting link between both series: “No ver, no oír, no hablar”, “Rosa de los vientos”, “Femenino, plural, singular”.

This exhibition is composed of 16 works. One of the most important works is: “Si tienes que poner un nombre, son 30.000”. It has been selected to take part in the Biennial of Florence 2009 (Contemporary art’s competition).

In the words of the artist, with this project, she intends to confront the image of the Argentine repression’s missing people, raising to aesthetic category: morality, awareness and impotence of those who are affected by the military dictatorship. In her work, she reported 30.000 people as missing.