Fundación Málaga and Área de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Málaga supported the project “Málaga Abstrakt, Passau", consisting of taking the current art of Málaga to the city of Passau, (town twinned with Málaga) and vice versa

This experience, which was part of different activities and projects arranged for “Málaga as European Capital of Culture”, was developed by nine artists born in Málaga or residents of our province who worked in Kullturmodell’s workshops. They made a personal, pictorial and sculptural work, and developed a communal installation. Under the heading “Mediterráneo en Passau”, it aims to transfer the feeling of “Mediterráneo” through a visual, tactile and olfactory interaction with the spectator.

The group of artists consists of Esperanza Almoguera, José M. Baco, Pedro Casermeiro, Mar. R. Castilla, Ernst Kraft, Concha Mamely, Verónica Romero, Chuss Uriarte and Patricia Ríos, ninth member who will produce a documentary and use subsequently its dissemination for whatever the purposes.