Fundación Málaga and Cajamar organised the exposition of photos and videos "Níveo" by the Chilean artist Magdalena Correa, that could have been visited in Sala Alameda de Cajamar between July and September of 2011

This work, born because of her Antarctic stay, gives continuity to her previous projects since it makes us closer to another isolated territory and distant from all of us, both physically and mentally. Life there is conditioned by extreme natural and climate circumstances.

The common thread is the snow. It appears in most of the pictures that make up the set of photos taken by the artist. Everything is conditioned by this atmospheric phenomenon. Nevertheless we can see two kinds of photos: the ones which reflect the dream landscape result from the snow, expressed by different phenomenology. And in the other hand, in opposition to these dream landscape, and as a consequence of the snow action, the artist comes across a harsh reality, reflected by the images which conform the second group of project’s photos.

In the same direction described above, the artist prepares two video-installations: “Parallels I” and “Parallels II” (with two channels respectively), in which we can see idyllic scenery which almost touches unreality against other scenery much quieter and more sordid.