Fundación Málaga, in order to enrich the cultural offer of Málaga’ Sleepless Night organized and collaborated in various activies

Noche en Blanco 2011

Larios Museum: Fundación Málaga turns Larios Street into a museum promenade offering famous works of art in our museums in exact 1/1 scale copies placed inside the shop windows, facing the street. Visitors took part in the draw before a notary for one of the works on display, of their choice, simply because they had filled out a ballot paper with appropriate identification and deposited it in a ballot box during the Noche en Blanco.

This activity had the special collaboration of Junta de Andalucía, McDonalds, Plaza de la Marina, Vídeo Sur TV, Fundación Escultor Berrocal, Museo Municipal Patrimonio de Málaga, Nicolás, Primor, Misako, Etam, General Óptica, Cajasur, Banco Santander, BBVA, Banco Popular, Hotel Molina Larios, Museo Peinado, Museo Revello de Toro, Museo de Málaga Sede Palacio Episcopal, Museo Carmen Thyssen Museum, and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Málaga.

Screening “Aquella Málaga, Aquella Provincia”: At the Hotel Molina Lario the production “Aquella Málaga, Aquella Provincia” will be screened together with a photographic exhibition. These are relevant audiovisual documents taken in the province of Málaga in the early twentieth century, with the script and direction of Domi del Pastigo.

Noche en Blanco 2010

Exhibition “El perímetro de mi carne” by Eugenia Esteban: An exhibition of 28 small format canvases that cause surprise and reflection with a transgressive and avant-garde technique. This exhibition is accompanied by a performance of jazz music and dance.

Edition “Carpintería de lo Blanco”: Fundación Málaga presents a deeply illustrated magazine of the live activity of the carpenters of the Armar carpentry workshop, as well as the exhibition organised by Museo de Málaga.

“Tus Manos Miran”: With the complicity of the darkness of the Noche en Blanco, blind and sighted participants who have covered their eyes will compete in the montage of a sculpture by Miguel Berrocal, winning the fastest one, a piece by the artist.

“Brindis musical en el Museo del Vidrio y del Cristal”: famous lyrical toasts and toast scenes from the theatre and opera of all times are presented, evoking the importance of the glass and the glass in gallant relationships.

“Espacio en Blanco”: Live broadcast at the Museo Interactivo de la Música of the radio’s programme Espacio en Blanco of RNE
Exhibition “Interiores” by Luis Amavisca and Cristina Martín Lara: This exhibition of two video installations, which could be visited in the Economic Society of Friends of the Country.