Fundación Málaga, Fundación Surikov and the Area of Culture of the Ayuntamiento de Málaga organised this exhibition, which has as a purpose to show to the public the painting made in that country during the last century

The exhibition gathers paintings of the most important Russian artists of the last eight decades of the XX century and it is structured in different areas: nature, figure, costumbrism, landscape and socialist realism (this last area will be seen from now on). The Russian art, specially the painting, has not transcended too much to the occidental culture. However, nowadays, when the Soviet Union is history, it can be appreciate in a reasonable manner.

Artists like Borodin, Stroyev, Litvinski, Danilichev, Striguin, Martynov and others, whose works can be seen in Malaga, knew how to reflect in their canvas, during a good portion of the last century, the daily life of Russian people, their important milestones and pains. They created a lot of genres, from the history and genre painting to the landscape, the portrait or the nature through them show the viewer the mystery of the Russian soul and the diary of their lives.