First retrospective of the artistic creation of Alfredo García Revuelta, an artist from Madrid whose production has attracted the attention of critics since the 1980s

This exhibition was an original production by Fundación Málaga with the collaboration of the Málaga City Council.

This exhibition, located in the Temporary Halls of the Municipal Heritage Museum, from October 19, 2007 to January 5, 2008, has offered visitors some 100 works —some of them on loan from the San Lorenzo de Almancil Cultural Centre (Portugal)— belonging to diverse and innovative genres such as sculptures in linen, in wood or made with beads and paintings with videos, which show their inexhaustible talent and creativity.

The artist himself comments: “I have a friend who says that my work is between Mort & Phil and Picasso…. I think my work is deeply Hispanic. As a child I read a lot of Mort & Phil, “El botones Sacarino”… I had to assimilate something of all that. Actually, I don’t start from comic books when it comes to painting (my sketches show it and they are different from my comic books), although the result may have some relation. What I’m looking for is to tell things with a certain expressiveness. How I can capture a man who is hot. How I can show that someone else hears a car accident, or talks on the phone. Or drink. Or they’re playing the trumpet. How can I tell someone that I want to kill him: well, with a tongue in the shape of a knife. That’s the expressiveness I’m looking for and maybe it’s the similarity of my work to a certain kind of comic book”.