Showing of paintings by the Bulgarian artist settled in Málaga Valentín Kovatchev, shown in 2011 and 2014 and dedicated to Bulgaria and Salvador Dalí

“Dos almas, una esencia” Spain – Bulgaria. 100 years of diplomatic relationship by Valentín Kovatchev

Fundación Málaga and the University of Málaga celebrate the centenary of the diplomatic relationship between Spain and Bulgaria through the exhibition “Dos almas, una esencia” of the Spanish artist born in Bulgaria Valentin Kovatchev (25th – 26th 2011 in Sala de Exposiciones del Rectorado, UMA).

The exhibition commemorates a century of political, economic and cultural ties, in which Kovatchev symbolizes universal feelings and proves that art is one of the most beautiful languages and the magical link which connects people, nations, dreams and souls.

A fascinating tour of the singular author’s life and work, who moved from Sofia to Malaga in 1992 and has embraced both cultures and synthesized two souls in one unique essence.

From Byzantine iconography, birthplace of Bulgarian art, to great artists such as Velazquez and Picasso; Andalusian horse, the legendary Thracians horses, the Pilgrimage to Santiago, Spiritual Andalucía and Don Quixote with Bulgarian soul, among others, make up this extraordinary exhibition in technique of painting in oil, drawing and engraving.

‘Homenaje a Dalí’

Fundación Málaga and Vicerrectorado de Cultura y Relaciones Institucionales of the University of Málaga celebrated the exhibition “Homaje a Dalí ” (2nd – 27th November 2004) in Sala de Exposiciones in Edificio de Rectorado, on the occasion of the centennial of this great person’s birth.

This showing of the painter and engraver Valentin Kovatchev, born in Bulgaria but settled in Malaga, was his personal tribute to the Figueras artist and was organized into two parts: “Homaje a Dalí”, made up of unprecedented works in oil paint and “Suite Dalí” made up of engraving and drawing, especially for the event, and “El Surrealismo en la obra de Kovatchev” which offered a selection of the artist’s works, formed by oil painting, drawings and engravings between 1983 to 2003.

The exhibition counted on the presence of plates and a facsimile of Fasciculus Temporum by Wernerius Rolewinck, considered the first illustrated book with engravings in Spain. It was accompanied by a conference by, Mª. Lluïsa Borràs, Phd in Art History, under the heading of “Vida y obra de Salvador Dalí ” (“Life and work of Sa lvador Dalí”).