General principles of conduct and criteria for project selection that constitute the ethical system of Fundación Málaga

Our code of ethics has been developed by Garrigues, Lawyers and Tax Advisers and is governed by the following general principles of conduct.

Fundación Málaga has as its foundational purposes the development of heritage, culture, sports, research, social and environmental programs within the field of the province of Málaga and its people. To achieve these foundational purposes, Fundación Málaga collaborates in the financing of various artistic, cultural, research, social and environmental projects through its Patronage.

Fundación Málaga demands maximum transparency and rigour in the procedures for the selection of projects to be financed by the foundation in the exercise of its foundational purposes and will look out that the principles of publicity, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and efficiency are respected. Notwithstanding the foregoing, projetcs that have a direct effect on the province of Málaga will be possessed preference for sponsorship by Fundación Málaga.