Selection of Works by Málaga comic artists

Fundación Málaga and Ateneo de Málaga hold this edition of the Málaga comic strip, which reaches high levels both in terms of artistic value and professionalism, which have not always been recognised in the city itself. Thus, a good number of Málaga comic strip authors see how their works have great repercussion nationally and internationally, but are hardly known in Málaga.

In this way, this project seeks, on the one hand, to recognise the work of these creators of the so-called «noveno arte», and on the other hand, to offer the public a perspective of who they are and what work they do as creators of comic books in Málaga.
Participating authors:
– Andrew Birch
– Hermanos Idígoras
– JC Hidalgo
– Kosta
– Carlos Lamani
– Miki & Duarte
– Manuel Mota
– Pepe Avilés
– Pepo Pérez
– Natacha Bustos
– José Villena
– Young talents: David Manrique y Javier y Víctor García Martín (the latter two are brothers).