A research work that offers a complete view of the journalistic activity of the politician and historian

Antonio Cánovas del Castillo (Málaga, 8 February 1828 – Mondragón, 8 August 1897) is essentially known as the capital figure of Spanish politics in the second half of the 19th century, the greatest architect of the political system of the Restoration and the president of the Council of Ministers on six occasions.

But one of his facets is less known, his work as a journalist, an early vocation that led him to found, in Málaga in 1845, when he was only seventeen years old, “La Joven Málaga”. Before his departure to Madrid, he also collaborated in the newspapers “Eco de la Juventud” and “El Avisador Malagueño”, the great Málaga newspaper of the 19th century. Once in Madrid, he developed an intense and extensive journalistic activity in numerous newspapers of the time: Semanario Pintoresco Español, Las Novedades, La Ilustración, etc.

This bibliographical work focuses on offering a more complete view of the journalistic activity of the Málaga politician and historian.