Catalogue of one of the exhibitions by Antonio Pitxot, friend and close collaborator of Salvador Dalí

Pitxot believes that nature imitates art, and that is why he wanders through the stones of Cadaqués, the starting point of his creative process. Then, he takes them up to the workshop to observe them for a while until they show the shapes they contain. He then assembles them into metal supports and gives them the sculptural shapes that Dalí called «mannequins». Finally, this process culminates with the creation of the stage and the sculptural sets on the canvas.

The Rectorate’s exhibition, almost unprecedented in Andalusia, including landscapes and figures from his early period, such as “Paisaje de rocas con pez” (1965), and “Toreros” (1960), some of the most representative works of his series “Mitologías y alegorías” and paintings from the series “El violoncelista”, as well as self-portrait.