This book has been sponsored by the Cerro del Villar Agreement, created with the aim of promoting, sponsoring and promoting this site and the Phoenician culture that developed in Málaga.

The presentation of the work “En la orilla de Tartessos. Indígenas y fenicios en tierras malagueñas (siglos XI-VI a. C.) has taken place during the Málaga Book Fair 2007. This book was written by Eduardo García Alfonso, Doctor in History by the University of Málaga. Cerro del Villar Agreement was signed on May 24, 2004 by the Málaga City Council, Fundación Málaga and Cerveza San Miguel.

In this way, a project more dedicated to the dissemination and communication of the importance of this archaeological zone, one of the main exponents of Phoenician civilization in the West, is added.