Fundación Málaga, in collaboration with University of Málaga, celebrates the centenary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Bulgaria with this exhibition

The exhibition commemorates a century of political, economic and cultural ties, in which Kovatchev symbolizes universal sentiments and demonstrates that art is one of the most beautiful languages and the magical link that unites peoples, nations, dreams and souls.

A fascinating journey through the life and work of a unique artist, who in 1992 moved his residence from Sofía to Málaga and who has known how to embrace both cultures and synthesize two souls in a single essence.

From Byzantine iconography, the cradle of Bulgarian art, to great experts such as Velázquez y Picasso; el caballo andaluz, los legendarios caballos tracios, “el Camino de Santiago”, “Andalucía Espiritual” y “Don Quijote con alma búlgara”, among other themes, make up this extraordinary exhibition in the techniques of oil painting, drawing and engraving.