Retrospective exhibition of Andrés Mérida, which could be visited at the Patrimonio Municipal de Málaga Museum (MUPAM) from September to November 2011.

This exhibition, which aimed to show the painter’s career from its beginnings to the present day by reviewing his different periods and messages, included the publication of a catalogue containing the more than one hundred works that make up this exhibition, preceded by institutional texts by Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Málaga and J. Óscar Carrascosa Tinoco.

In this edition, the works of Andrés Mérida are accompanied by a study by Professor Antonio Garrido that looks back over the artist’s thirty years of work. As he himself explains: «In Andres’ painting there is poetry, deep lyricism and art, which are all the same and different. There is humour, irony, refined technique and a special look at the referents».