Image magazine of the photographic and video exhibition “Níveo” by the Chilean artist Magdalena Correa, which could be visited between July and September 2011 at the Sala Alameda in Cajamar.

“Níveo” contains 40 images of the work that the artist has developed during her stay in Antarctica, preceded by institutional texts by Cajamar, Rafael Domínguez de Gor, President of the Málaga Foundation, Abel H. Pozuelo and Francisco Zaldívar Larraín, Psychologist.

In this exhibition, the snow, the protagonist of the work, reflects two different types of images. Some that manifest that kind of dreamy landscape that is the result of the action of snow, shown through different phenomenology. And on the other hand, in opposition to this dreaminess, and also as a consequence of the snowy action, the artist finds a harsh reality that is reflected in the images that make up the second group of photos of the project.