Example of the exhibition 'Homenaje a Dalí', hosted hosted in November 2004 at the Rectorate Building in Málaga

Fundación Málaga in collaboration with the Vice rectorship for Culture and International Relations of the University of Málaga, celebrated the exhibition “Homenaje a Dalí” (2-27 November 2004) in the Exhibition Hall of the Rector’s Building, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of this brilliant figure.

This exhibition by the painter and engraver Valentín Kovatchev, of Bulgarian origin but based in Málaga, was his personal tribute to the natural artist from Figueras and was structured in two parts: “Homenaje a Dalí”, made up of unpublished works in oil painting and “Suite Dalí”, with engravings and drawings, made specifically for the event, and “El Surrealismo en la obra de Kovatchev”, which offered a selection of works by the artist, composed of oil paintings, drawings and engravings made between 1983 and 2003.

This exhibition included the plates-matrixes and the exhibition of a facsimile of Wernerius Rolewinck’s Fasciculus Temporum, considered the first illustrated book with engravings in our country, and was completed with a lecture given by the Doctor in Art History, Mª. Lluïsa Borràs, entitled «Vida y Obre Salvador Dalí».