Fundación Málaga was informed of the existence of this work, which has been recovered from its clay form as it was left in the sculptor's studio, to be cast in bronze

La Fundación Málaga ceded a bronze sculpture by the renowned sculptor Juan Luis Vassallo, representing the head of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, to the Fundación Picasso Museo Casa Natal.

The clay sculpture is dated 1980 under the name «Cabeza de Picasso». It corresponds to the sculptor’s last stage and is characterized by technical perfection and good work, in which fidelity to the model and objectivity, together with an expressive gesture, predominate.

Juan Luis Vassallo, born in Cádiz in 1908 and died in Madrid in 1986, has among his most famous works the Minerva del Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid or the Monumento a San Teresa in Ávila. She was awarded the Third Medal at the National Fine Arts Exhibition for her bust of Women «Añoranza», which is currently on display at the M.N.A.C. Reina Sofía. In 1936 he was awarded the National Sculpture Prize for his work “Muchacha con cisne” and in 1948 he won the First Medal at the National Fine Arts Exhibition for his magnificent allegorical nude “Gades”, dedicated to his native city.

Vassallo produced a large number of precise and accurate portraits of public and private personalities in which a great perfection of modelling and a very accurate psychological penetration are evident.