Fundación Málaga, in collaboration with Popular TV, produced a documentary in 2006 on the Phoenician origins of Málaga and the development of this culture in the settlements of Cerro del Villar and Malaka

In this documentary there have participated leading experts on the Phoenician culture in Málaga, among them: Mr. Juan Manuel Muñoz Gambero, archaeologist and discoverer of the site Cerro del Villar, Mr. Eduardo García Alfonso, technical adviser of Archaeology in the Provincial Delegation of Culture of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Ms. Ana Arancibia, archaeologist and director of the Archaeological Research Workshop, Mr. Fernando Wulff, doctor in Ancient History from the University of Málaga, and Mr. Juan Antonio Martín, archaeologist.

This production has been projected in the exhibition «Málaka: Fundación de una Ciudad Milenaria», and can be seen by the more than 60,000 visitors who received the exhibition.