John Rockwell, author of the presentation, is an art critic, writer and music and art critic for The Times and The New York Times, as well as the first director of the Lincoln Center Festival

Fundación Málaga and the Aula de Literatura y Pensamiento Contemporáneo Rafael Pérez Estrada presented John Rockwell at the Instituto de Estudios Portuarios. The author has published four books: “Toda la Música Americana: Composición de finales del S.XX”, a study of music in the United States, from classical to jazz and rock, which was nominated for the Círculo Nacional de Libros de Crítica award; “Sinatra: un Clásico Americano”; “Los Idiotas”, a monograph on Lars Von Trier’s film for the British Film Institute and “Extranjero-Outsider: John Rockwell en las Artes 1.967-2.006”, a compilation. It has contributed extensively to magazines, anthologies and encyclopaedias, including “El nuevo diccionario Gorve de la Ópera”, “La Rolling Stone historia ilustrada de Rock and Roll” and “El lector de Virgil Thomson”, which he edited together with Thomson. He is a Knight of the French Order of the Arts and Letters, he was a member of the Executive Council of the College of Letters and Sciences of the University of California at Berkeley and the Observer Council of Harvard University, and also Board Chairman of the National Art Journalism Program.