Fundación Málaga made possible that people could see live the restoration of a pictorial work, bringing the public closer to the “miraculous” labour of the restorers, who are capable of saving the loss and oblivion of the pieces of art

Fundación Málaga undertook the live restoration of the work «El Emperador Heraclio en hábito de penitente», by the Baroque painter Juan Niño de Guevara from Málaga, who carried out this work during his last creative period (1680-1698).

The restoration, which was carried out live to the public for three consecutive months, has been a new way of displaying the work, also recovering a heritage asset, slowing down its deterioration and turning it into community property.

The restoration work to be carried out on this canvas was very complex because the work was divided into several fragments, having lost some areas of union between the different pieces of canvas.

The importance of its recovery lies, on the one hand, in the fact that it is a painting that for a long time has been kept in inadequate conditions for its proper preservation and, on the other hand, in the possibility of deepening the technique of execution and the style of the author since it has not suffered from previous interventions or modifications that distort the study of its most singular characteristics.

Once the restoration and exhibition of this work was finished, it was transferred to the Museo de Cofradías, in the Church of San Julián, where it can be enjoyed by all its visitors.