This project is a collaboration between the Málaga City Council, in its work to protect the historical, artistic and archaeological legacy of Málaga; Cerveza San Miguel, which has demonstrated its experience and dedication in the Atapuerca site, and Fundación Málaga, in its attempt to disseminate the heritage of Málaga and its province.
Cerro del Villar site was one of the most important Phoenician colonial centres on the Andalusian coast. It was founded in the middle of the 7th century BC, at the mouth of the Guadalhorce River. This site, discovered in 1965 by the Málaga archaeologist Juan Manuel Muñoz Gambero, was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest by degree of Regional Government of Andalusia in 1998.
The objective of the enhancement of this site is to gain knowledge of the Phoenician culture, which was of great importance in Málaga, as evidenced by the large number of settlements that are distributed along the coast of Málaga among which we cite the Malaka (capital), Tuscany (mouth of the Vélez River), Morro de Mezquitilla and the necropolis of Trayamar (Algarrobo), etc.
«El Cerro de la Tortuga. El Templo y la Necrópolis ibero-púnica de Málaga» by Juan Manuel Muñoz Gambero, published in June 2009. This publication gathers all the studies and research carried out on the site “Cerro de la Tortuga”, «one of the most peculiar sites that we find in the province of Málaga and by extension throughout Andalusia».
Model of the Arqueódromo Cerro del Villar by the company MUGA Arqueocosta, S.L. with the aim of disseminating the activity carried out during 2005-2006 at the «Arqueódromo del Cerro del Villar».
“El testamento oculto. El descubrimiento del origen de la escritura hallada en Málaga” by Juan Manuel Muñoz Gambero, edited in June 2011. In this book the author talks about his findings and research in the Neolithic sites of Málaga, and especially about the enigmatic signs he studies in order to bring the origin of writing in the Iberian Peninsula, which was found in Málaga closer to any kind of public through names and fictitious characters surrounded by real data and hypotheses compiled by the author.
Lecture Ms. Chalabi: In September 2011, Fundación Málaga organised a conference at the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Málaga by Mme. Maha El-Khalil Chalabi, General Secretary of the League of Canaanite, Phoenician and Punic cities. In this conference entitled «Diálogo y Tolerancia en el Mare Nostrum desde la Antigüedad hasta hoy», the speaker spoke about the work of the League of Canaanites, Phoenicians and Punics cities.