The project consisted of the restoration of some wall paintings and their relocation in a building, recently restored by the collaborating company of Fundación Málaga, Netobril

These paintings date from the end of the 18th century (as a poster above the door indicates, indicating the date of 1787) and were in a building at Postigo street.

These paintings are made with the technique of fresh mezzo (incised design on the still wet intonaco and application of the later color). The pictorial set represents ornamental elements of an architectural type made in a rich palette of colour, basically in the whole range of lands.

The paintings have undergone a laborious restoration process carried out by the company Quibla Restaura, as they were covered by abundant layers of lime and paint, being damaged in some areas by moisture seepage.

These mural paintings are part of the series of 18th century paintings that decorate various buildings in Málaga and are being recovered as is the case of the Palace of the Count of Puertollano and Duque de Arcos or building located in Mártires Street.