Fundación Málaga, together with the Málaga City Council, financed the restoration of the work created by Bernardo Ferrándiz

Fundación Málaga and the Málaga City Council jointly undertook the restoration of the curtain of the Cervantes Theatre, painted by Bernardo Ferrándiz in 1978. The public-private partnership agreement was reached in 2017, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the reopening of Geronimo Cuervo’s building.

With this, the main curtain and the ceiling paintings, also by Ferrándiz and also restored between 2004 and 2005 thanks to the sponsorship of Fundación Málaga, recovered the natural dialogue for which they were conceived. The cost was estimated at 95,000 euros plus VAT.

The company responsible for developing the works was Quibla Restaura. The team, made up of a total of eight restorers, carried out meticulous work, with the support and involvement of both the technicians of the Cervantes Theatre and the spaces where the canvas has been repaired and of the companies collaborating to this end, from upholsterers to transporters.

The process was long and complex, due to the poor state of conservation and the fragility of the work. To give visibility to the artistic legacy of the city, the restoration process was opened to all citizens. After some previous works of settlement of the painting and the canvas, the central phase was carried out in summer in the Patio de Banderas of the Town Hall, before the view of more than 1,300 people.

There, the team of the company Quibla Restaura carried out the central phase of this intervention, the work on the pictorial layer, vertically, on a scaffolding and before the sight of anyone interested in the heritage of Málaga. Between June, July and the first days of August, the painting was cleaned, the lagoons on the canvas were stuccoed, which means that the painting surface was homogenized, and the most important phase, the chromatic reintegration of this surface, carried out using the regattino technique.

The last phase took place on the Cervantes stage. Two linen grafts were added to the sides, a work that can only be done horizontally, to complete the restoration with the final touches of the pictorial layer and the final protection of the same. Once this phase was completed, the canvas was mounted on a rigid and permanent aluminium structure, like a giant frame, in the scenic box and, since then, it has shone in the Cervantes Theatre on special occasions, the first of them during the rehearsal of the play “Turandor”.