The former dean of the Cathedral offers a monographic publication on the Choir

Fundación Málaga publishes a new book about the Málaga Cathedral in order to promote knowledge about the monuments of our city. This is a monograph on the Choir, the largest artistic project of the city in the 17th century and a masterpiece of Spanish Baroque, written by the former dean of the Cathedral, Francisco García Mota, with a prologue by UMA professor Teresa Sauret Guerrero.

The Málaga Cathedral keeps a big secret, the Choir, a small space dedicated to prayer that occupied the Ecclesiastical Dignities. It was built in the 17th century, a jewel of Spanish Baroque art in which notable artists such as Luis de Vargas, José Micael and Alfaro, and Pedro de Mena, who was responsible for most of the work, participated. In fact, in order to carry out this work, he moved to live in Málaga, set up his workshop definitively and remained attached to the city until his death in 1688.

The author, Francisco García Mota, who for almost twenty years has been dean of the Cathedral, worked to ensure that the church fulfilled its functions as a liturgical, social and cultural centre. Accompanied by photographs taken by Mariano Zamora, he presents this space of prayer through the saintly, a complete hagiography reflecting tradition and history, in addition to the Marian symbols based on the biblical texts