This initiative intends to transmit to the students of Málaga the necessity to take care and respect their environment, using as a resource the knowledge of the environmental richness of the province of Málaga

A vital part of the objectives of Fundación Málaga is to promote environmental education. That was the mission of the Educational Program “Misión Triple R”(Reuse, Reduce, Recycle). It was aimed at children in the 2nd and 3rd cycle of Primary Education of public and private schools throughout the province of Málaga. 233 schools were enrolled, which represents 56% of the total.

The school campaign was organised on the basis of two actions: a teaching unit for the teacher and an educational game for PC, in which the child when performing the game and fulfilling the mission received a special agent diploma “Triple R”.

Fundación Málaga carried out a 2nd edition of “Misión Triple R II: La nueva misión”. By means of news didactic materials and a new educational game for PC, 21,894 children fulfilled the laborious mission of saving Málaga from pollution and environmental degradation, through training based on love of nature and play.