Fundación Málaga sponsored in 2007 the restoration of a Érard Grand Piano from 1869, owned by the Bishopric of Málaga, which after its intervention was ceded to the Interactive Music Museum of Málaga (MIMMA

The restorer Jean Marie Paul pointed out that the instrument had to be replaced with strings and pegs that had special sizes from the time it was built. Thanks to this meticulous work of recomposition of the wood and its pieces, this work shines in its aesthetic and sonorous splendor.

Érard’s piano factory was founded in 1777 in Paris. Sebastian Érard was one of the greatest piano designers in history. Many of the Érard family’s inventions were patented and are now found on renowned pianos such as the Steinway & Sons and others. One of the most notable advances is the invention of the double-exhaust mechanism of the grand piano, which is used in all grand pianos currently being built.