A selection of poems by several young writers, coordinated by Almudena Vega from Málaga

The main theme of this anthology is four poems by author: one from his age of Lolita, two from transition and the last one, a current poem. This makes up an intimate showcase of each other’s ages.

We live at a time when young poetry is finally emerging. He’s screaming and protesting at the old idea of love and almond blossoms. Now it is a weapon that slashes, and beauty comes, too, from the amorphous, from death and the corpse. Real sex that’s not idyllic.

The colloquial language that copulates with the classic. A language that embraces the duality of good and evil.

Here the birth is shown; not the beautiful child in white clothes and tassels, but the newborn in blood and entrails. The one with wrinkled skin and the smell of body. Then he’ll die.

Readers, you will witness these deaths, because this book is a mausoleum, a small ossuary where we have all fallen. The deadly demon among the common children: the deadly demon that devours innocence. Readers, you will sing this funeral song with us. This “Réquiem por Lolita”.