This recital was directed and entertained by Fernando Argenta and Araceli González Campa, the hosts of “Clásicos populares” on Radio Nacional and “El Conciertazo” on TVE

In 2003, Fundación Málaga organised a Musical Recital for Young People in the Cofarán (Andalusian Pharmaceutical Cooperative) assembly hall. In this event a series of well-known pieces from different genres were played, performed by the pianist from Málaga Ana Benavides, winner of several national and international awards and piano teacher at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música «Joaquín Turina» in Madrid.

Fundación Málaga has among its objectives the dissemination of classical music. This work was developed by this recital, aimed at Secondary Education students. In this way, it contributed to the popularization and dissemination of this genre among young people through an activity that combines the educational and recreational aspects.