Fundación Málaga sponsored the restoration of this 1759 piece, in which the arms of the Bourbon monarch with the toison and the coat of arms of Málaga are embroidered

This piece measures 0.58 x 0.54 cms, on one side the arms of the Bourbon monarch are embroidered with the toison and on the other the coat of arms of Málaga is reproduced. The existence of the Banner of Carlos III has been known thanks to the publication of the book “Málaga at the end of the 18th century”, by the Numeraries of the San Telmo School of Arts D. Francisco Cabrera Pablos and D. Manuel Olmedo Checa. In the above mentioned book a reference that appears in the Chapter Acts of the Municipal Archives on such a historical relic is collected, saying verbatim that «already in 1789 it was…very deteriorated and indecent».

The embroidery on this historic piece was made from a crimson cloth that was in an advanced state of deterioration. The silver threads of the embroideries were blackened and had numerous breaks. The piece has been restored between 2006 and 2007 by the Málaga embroiderer Juan Rosén, respecting the original as much as possible. Gold and silver thread has been used, adapting it in the most faithful way to the one used at the time of its manufacture, passing it to a new burgundy velvet and in some cases making new templates where the embroidery was missing completely.

Once the restoration process was completed, the Banner of Charles III was ceded by the Royal Convent of La Victoria, where it was deposited in 1789, after the death of Charles III and was proclaimed King Charles IV of Spain, to the Town Hall of Malaga.