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Malaga is a city that overflows with life and where culture is present all year round. From the beginning of January until December you can find all kind of cultural options. Here we will tell you about some of the most popular ones.

Theatre Festival: Its usually the first big event of the year, as it’s celebrated in January. During the weeks it’s on, the main sites of the city accommodate the most important theatre companies of out country.

Carnival: it is celebrated between the end of January and the beginning of February. This event gathers different groups that create songs and lyrics using a satirical tone, criticising current events.

Cinema Festival: Malaga’s Cinema Festival is considered one of the most renown events of the city. While it is on, you can watch screenings of films as well as a broad alternative of options that complete the culture on offer those days.

Easter Week: Easter Week in Malaga is one of the most traditional celebrations of the city. The city becomes the stage of emblematic processions, with floats that tell the story of the Passion of Christ for a whole week. It is an event that is lived in the streets, in its corners and squares, and that offers moments of great intensity.

The Night in White: It’s usually celebrated at the end of May. It’s a very special evening when, more than ever, culture pours out to the streets. The streets become full of live music, performances and artistic activities; museums open their doors for free until late at night and the city transforms into an open-air stage.

Malaga’s Festival: It is celebrated in August. It is one of the most popular festivals that people look forward to. You can enjoy flamenco shows, live performances in squares and a lot of fun for a whole week.

Jazz festival: In the month of October jazz encompasses Malaga. This emblematic music floods the city and its sites, that welcome the most important artists of this genre.


These are some of the cultural options that Malaga offers you throughout the year. Nonetheless, there are hundreds of events going on in the city every single day. If you want to get to know them, don’t hesitate to visit Malaga’s Cultural Agenda.

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