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Malaga has experienced an incredible transformation in the last few years. This fact has been confirmed by several dozen exhibition centres, an enormous number of groups and spaces dedicated to artistic creations and the cultural agenda. Without a doubt: the city has positioned itself as one of Spain’s cultural references.

But it isn’t only question of numbers. The quality of the works of art that are exhibited in these centres, both permanent collections and itinerant exhibitions that have passed through them in the last years, is another indisputable fact. These are some of the most noted museums in the city:

Malaga’s Picasso Museum: It harbours a collection of one of Malaga’s most famous artists. It also includes numerous temporary exhibitions of different artistic stages of its creator and his connection to other painters.

Malaga’s Carmen Thyssen Museum: It stands out for its costumbrist paintings, giving prominence to Andalusian paint and Spanish artists of the XVIII and XIX centuries. Joaquín Sorolla, Ramón Casas and Julio Romero de Torres are some of the artists whose work is included in this art gallery.

Malaga’s Pompidou Centre: It’s the only other Pompidou Centre outside of Paris. An amazing eye-catching colourful cube that marks the exterior. Once inside, visitors will appreciate the outstanding contemporary art.

Malaga’s Saint Petersburg Russian Museum Collection: Located in an exceptional building, this museum houses the most recognized Russian artists’ works. Through its halls, names such as Kandinski, Chagall and Malevich have passed.

CAC Malaga: This centre offers interesting exhibitions of contemporary artists. It is the epicentre of one of the districts that has flourished in the city, where urban art and the building’s walls are essential. Entrance is free.

Malaga’s Museum: It’s located in the ‘Palacio de la Aduana’, built in the neoclassic style in 1788. It is the biggest museum of Andalusia and it holds more than 15.000 archaeological findings and an extensive art collection of 2.000 works of art from the XV century until now. It is the ideal place to get to know local creators art.

These are some of the museums you will find in Malaga. If you want to be up to date with these centres’ and other cultural spaces offers, visit Malaga’s Cultural Agenda.

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