• Fundación Málaga

To walk around the narrow streets and alleyways of the centre of Malaga gives you an opportunity to discover its history and patrimony. Malaga stands out for its monuments and historical spots. Through these places you can get to see the evolution of the city, enjoying its unique aspects. Below we will tell you about some of the cities sites that you must see in order to take in all of the historical centre and its streets.

Alcazaba’. One of the most representative and visited sites of the city.  Moorish fortification that also offers us incredible panoramic views of the city.

Gibralfaro Castle. The view of its walls is a work of art in itself and are worth seeing. It’s a XIV century monument and it has an Interpretation Centre, so you can get to know its history in depth.

Roman Theatre. It’s one of the symbols of Roman presence in Málaga. Now it can be visited, and it is used to put on shows and plays. The fact is that this theatre remained hidden for years, as the capital’s culture centre was built on top of it.

Cathedral. Malaga’s inhabitants call it ‘la manquita’ (‘one armed’) because one of its towers was never built. As well as visiting the religious building, Malaga’s Cathedral has a cathedral museum that can be visited.

‘San Juan’s’ church. Its origins go back to the Catholic Monarchs. It is one of the most distinguished temples in Malaga. Its aesthetics come from its numerous modifications throughout the years.

English cemetery. It is the first protestant cemetery in Spain.  Beautiful surroundings where activities like historical recreations or speeches, acoustic concerts or guided tours are occasionally organised.

The church of the Sacred Heart. It is a neogothic style church situated a few feet away from Malaga’s Carmen Thyssen Museum.

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